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Cycling Holidays in Holland

Cycling holidays in Holland are incredibly popular. Over 25,000 kms of well maintained cycle paths make Holland an ideal choice for leisure cycling holidays. Add to this the fact that there are next to no hills and you begin to understand why many consider Holland to be cycling holiday nirvana.

The Dutch themselves are very keen cyclists and everyone in Holland seems to own a bicycle. Cycling is ingrained in the Dutch culture and the well-maintained cycle paths are always busy with local commuters, shoppers, school children and even trades-people happily pedalling along.

Of course one of the reasons the Netherlands is so popular with cyclists is the lack of hills. With very few exceptions you can be sure that a cycle ride through the Dutch countryside will be on level terrain, following clearly signposted, traffic free cycle paths. This network of cycle paths will take you almost anywhere in Holland and there are a myriad of wonderful itineraries leading you through the unique polder landscape of green fields, dykes, canals and windmills to historic Dutch cities such as Edam, Delft, Gouda and of course Amsterdam.

In the springtime the Tulip Fields to the west of Amsterdam erupt into an explosion of colour and one of the best ways to witness this spectacular Dutch phenomenon is from the saddle of a bicycle. We offer a range of Tulip cycling holidays where the main focus is the bulb fields.

The network of canals and waterways in the Netherlands also gave birth to a new genre of cycling holiday, the bike and boat holiday. On these tours you’ll join a barge or river cruiser in Amsterdam and embark on a 7-night cruise along the Dutch waterways. Each day you’ll alight somewhere new to pedal through iconic polder scenery to gorgeous old towns and villages.